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This is an aggregation of various sow dates for vegetables, herbs, flowers & Trees
Organic farming is a crop production method respecting the rules of the nature, targeted to produce nutritive, healthy and pollution-free food. It maximizes the use of on-farm resources and minimizes the use of off-farm inputs. It is a farming system that seeks to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Read more

Container GardeningHealthy Harvests from Small SpacesGrowing in Containers: Simple as ABC

Growing Vegetables in containers breaks all the barriers - space, age, your health. Regardless of where you live, what your age or the limitations on you physically you can still enjoy homegrown Veggies. Read more
Vrikshayurveda is the ancient Indian science on plant life which has not been studied much in modern times. This section provides a comprehensive insight into plants and animals widely used in Vrikshayurveda. The practices adopted in Vrikshayurveda, the traditional knowledge for maintaining the health and productivity of plants through natural methods.. Read more


Agroforestry refers to land management systems that integrate agricultural crops with forest crops. It is a collective term for all land use systems and practices, in which woody perennials are deliberately grown on the same land management unit as crops or animals, either in some form of a spatial arrangement or in a time sequence and in which there is a significant interaction between the woody perennials and the crops or animals. Read more

Biointensive is a method of growing as much organic food as possible in the smallest amount of space. The method draws upon a variety of intensive agricultural methods practiced thousands of years ago in China, Greece and Latin America, as well as French intensive techniques practiced in the 1700’s and 1800’s, and Biodynamic techniques developed in Europe in the early 1920s. The culmination of these techniques has developed into what is now called GROW BIOINTENSIVE sustainable mini-farming. Read more

The use of biofertilizers is important while practicing integrated plant nutrient management as well as organic farming. Some of the commonly used biofertilizers are as follows. Read more

GardeningTipsAdvicefor Beginners

Whether you need advice on the best layout for your garden, what to grow next or how to protect your plants from diseases, with hundreds of in-depth articles and videos there's no better place to receive the support you need. Find out more


Organics is much more than production, market access and profit margins.

Organics is a way of thinking. People involved in sustainable and/or organic production seek to find modern solutions to produce food, fibre and cosmetics while taking into consideration the impact on the health and well-being of people, the environment and the wider community. Find out more about Organic Principles.

Organic farming, pastoral and wild harvest systems are designed to fit the cycles and ecological balance in nature.

Organic food production is founded on the principle of producing food in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way, through soil regeneration, water conservation, and animal welfare; and minimising the known negative or reasonably possible impacts. Certification practices include and are not limited to:
  • promoting biodiversity by growing a variety of crops
  • preventing soil erosion and improving soil quality
  • conserving energy
  • protecting wildlife, stream banks and watersheds
  • avoiding the use of synthetic or artificially produced insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers and GMOs (genetically modified organisms/transgenic life forms).
As with natural systems, external inputs are reduced by reuse, recycling and the efficient management of materials and energy within the system in order to maintain and improve environmental quality and conserve resources.

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Our Non-GMO, Heritage seeds are specially chosen for Home gardeners

We bring together thousands of curated Gardening products; from Outdoor & Indoor Exotic and Rare Plants, Large pots & Planters, to Garden furniture and more.

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We are driven by a sheer love of plants and the belief that gardeners make the world a better place - this underpins all we do.
SEEDseller team is dedicated to providing information, seeds, and plants for those of you wishing to grow Exotics. Whether your interest is for tropical trees, hardy planting or for growing exotics undercover, we have tried hard to provide a wide range of exciting and unusual seeds and plants. Most of the seeds available though have pictures to help you see what they look like and the thumbnails are hyperlinks to high-quality pictures. We offer high-quality seeds, promptly delivered to your door. We hope you enjoy this year's updated website. Regular visitors to our site will see the seasonal changes, with interesting articles and special offers, many only available on our website.

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All our packets have full instructions on the best sowing times, when you can expect harvests and other essential tips to give you your best crops.

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We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the India a greener and more beautiful place. This vision underpins all that we do – from inspirational gardens and shows, through our community programmes. We are committed to inspiring everyone to grow. We share our knowledge through websites, podcasts and blogs, and sell the very best seeds and gardening gifts.

At SEEDseller, we are always searching the globe for seed sources; we are therefore always on the lookout for new seed collectors and new sites to collect seed from. If you are interested in collecting seed or are a landowner or manager with a native woodland or large hedgerow that may be suitable for seed collections, then please contact us. Rates of pay for seed collections/landownership royalties on asking.

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