Calendar of Operations

Calendar of operations

It is easiest to calculate the amount of labour required by making a calendar of operations. By making a comprehensive calendar that includes all activities for all species, it is easy to see how much labour and materials are needed at each season and level. The main operations to be done in the nursery are tabulated below.

Table 2. list of operations in the nursery

December-JanuaryNursery layout, ordering of poly pots and other materials
February-MayExploration of seed viability, and arrangement of seed collection
February-AprilCollection of soil and sand for potting mixture
AprilPreparation of potting mixture
April-MayBed preparation and filling of poly pots
MayCollection of materials for mulch
JuneCleaning of seeds and sowing
July-AugustRemoval of mulch from the bed, transplanting extra plants into empty pots
July-SeptemberCollection of vegetation for compost making
August-OctoberGeneral maintenance, weeding, watering and completion of compost making
NovemberPreparation and erection of shades
November-FebruaryDuring these months shades should be erected daily and removed early in the morning
MarchGive spacing for the growing plants in the nursery beds and root pruning
April-JulyRoot pruning
April-MayIf necessary, shading is continued
June-JulyPreparation of plants for transporting to the field

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