Record Keeping

Good records help the nursery official to use experience to improve planning resulting the efficiency of the nursery. This is especially important for new species. If plants of a particular species are not large enough for planting at the beginning of the monsoon, it may be quite necessary and easy to find out an alternative source. The nursery register should have all the details from site preparation to transplanting.

Nursery register

Each nursery should have a nursery register giving full information about the nursery. In the beginning it should give the general particulars about the nursery, viz., name of the nursery, location, year of formation, area in hectares, soil type, method of irrigation, type of fencing with initial cost, soil working done at the time of initial formation with cost, manuring, its details and cost, rent if any etc. This description of the nursery should be supported by a map of the nursery showing layout, allocation of portions of nursery to various species etc., plot and nursery bed serial numbers. Then it should give the quantity/number of seeds sown in a bed , date of sowing, date of germination, weeding with dates, irrigation with dates, manuring etc. it should also give details of all expenditures so that the cost per plant can be calculated. Above all it should give the result of counting nursery stock in each nursery bed on 1 st of January and 1 st of July every year (half yearly stock). At the time of counting the plants should be classified into two categories, viz., fit and unfit, the former for use in the coming planting season. It should also give information about the plants supplied from the nursery in the planting season of the year and the balance in stock.

Format of a Nursery registry

1. Species
2. Seed source
3. Sowing date and bed number
4. Pre treatment given
5. Quantity of seeds sown or number of seeds
6. Date of germination
7. Number of plants pricked out from the poly bags
8. Germination percentage
9. Date of prickling out and bed number
10. Number of full size seedlings produced
11. Other descriptions (watering, shading, insect control, etc.)

Another registry – Plant distribution register must be kept to record the supply of the plants. A record system is also needed for seed which gives each seed lot a unique number. Whenever a seed lot is collected locally or received at the nursery without an identity number it must be shown in the register. It identification should consist of name of the place/panchayat, the year and a serial number. The identity is given by using a seed lot identification register. If the seed comes from a source which has already got an identity, this can be used without giving a new number. It is essential that the official helps the manager to fill in all these forms and checks that they are up to date every time they visits the nursery.

Format of plant distribution register

DateNumber of plants suppliedCategory of forest (Panchayat, private, leased etc.)Name or Ward No. of recipient/forest

Format of seed lot identification Register

DateIdentify No.Species suppliedSource(Panchayat, Ward No, Forest, Name of farmer etc)Kg.

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