Grow indoors

Greenhouses and hoophouses offer exciting possibilities for extending the season for tender crops such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and more. Even unheated, these structures provide enough protection to grow extra Junebearing strawberries in spring, to raise winter crops such as radishes and cut-and-come-again salads, and give many crops a head start.

Greenhouses are expensive to buy new, so make sure the shape and size you choose suits your garden and growing ambitions. Also ensure that there is adequate ventilation to keep air flowing around your plants; aim for one roof- and one side-vent for every 6 ft (2 m) of length.

Hoophouses are cheaper to construct, but not as attractive as a stylish greenhouse. The plastic that covers them has a limited lifespan, as does the plastic used in some greenhouses, and they are more difficult to ventilate, but they still provide a great growing space.

Whichever structure you choose, position it on a bright, level site, away from the shade of buildings and trees, and sheltered from strong winds. Be sure to provide good access, and try to find space outside for a rain barrel and also a tool shed.

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