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SEEDseller Lakshmi Taru Simarouba Glauca Paradise Tree Seeds (20 seeds)
Seed Seller: Seeds of Brazil Wood Japan Wood Caesalpenia Sappan, Pathimukham Bakam Seeds for Growing (50)
Seed Seller: Acacia Mangium Seeds for Growing – Mangium an Economically Important Major Plantation Species, Fast Growing Timber mainly Used for Paper Pulp, Biomass Fuel Industries
SEED Seller: Hybrid Maize Sweet Corn Seeds – Early Maturity High yielding variety suitable for both Kitchen garden and Commercial cultivation (140)
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Without doubt, the best seller of seeds in amazon. This is my second purchase with 'seed seller' and most of the seeds of my first order, which i placed two years back germinated, many are healthy trees now,some even growing to twice my height !!!
Ruben Customer
Excellent multi-layer damage resistant packaging, Airtight separate pouches for each species with details, picture & specific instruction guide for the species on it. They provide extra free seeds for each tree - ie, you get almost double or even more seeds than you ordered.
Reena Mathew Customer
An amazing shoping experience... Keep it up Seed Seller. It is at the same time when some other sellers with more number of customers cheat buyers charging around ₹2500 for the same kind of item and send them with pathetic packaging and service.
Sheela NV Customer
Wide range of seeds
Putting Our Supplier Network to Work for You

Tracking down all the best plant varieties is easier said than done. In the course of our adventures, we found that there was always something really special that we simply had to find and add to our selection.

In the process, we’ve discovered incredible plants, dedicated suppliers of fresh, high-quality seed, organic seed producers who do things in harmony in nature, and the incredible people who preserve, propagate and distribute some of the world’s most amazing heritage treasures.

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Growing your own vegetables from seeds couldn’t be easier and is the most economical way of home-growing. All our packets have full instructions on the best sowing times, when you can expect harvests and other essential tips to give you your best crops. read more

It is our normal ordering procedure to take payment at the time of order. Your order will be debited in Indian currency. If purchasing from outside India please check with your credit card provider for the latest exchange rates and commission fees.

Postage and packing (p&p) is applied in conjunction with the type of product you are ordering (e.g seed postage and packing is less than postage packaging for potatoes). This will be shown in your order before you proceed to order processing.

Seed orders that are sent internationally incur additional postage charges per order due to the high costs of mailing abroad. We cannot send non-seed items such as potatoes, onions, fruit, plants and sundries or other items outside India. There are no exceptions to this policy.

We at SEEDseller take great care in the production and selection of our product items. We genuinely care that we provide quality product to ensure all our customers have great success with their gardens. However we are only human and very occasionally mistakes happen, but please rest assured, we will always do our very best to put things right. If you are not 100% satisfied with the products we provide we will gladly send you a replacement or refund the purchase price upon request.

Our seed is tested in our own laboratory on site for the highest quality and where appropriate we pack the seed in hermetically sealed foil sachets for freshness. If you are unhappy with any of our seed, for any reason, please return it to us for a ‘no quibble’ replacement or refund as appropriate. None of our seed has been genetically modified.

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