Garcinia gummi-gutta: Timber and other products and uses.

Garcinia gummi-gutta (Cambogia gummigutta L.,)

Log quality:

The tree is widely grown in Kerala, mainly for its fruits, even though the timber is suitable for making match boxes, splints and posts. The grey, close-textured wood is moderately heavy (640-800 kg/m3), but is not durable. However, heart-wood of old trees is hard and durable. The logs are straight, up to 10 meter long and about 1 meter girth; branches are also straight and up to 5 meter long. Other products and uses The fruits are acidic and are eaten raw or pickled. The fleshy rind, fresh or after drying and smoking, is used as a condiment for flavoring curries and as a substitute for tamarind, mango and lime in various preparations. It is also used for polishing gold and silver ornaments and as a substitute for formic acid and acetic acid for coagulation of rubber latex. The bark yield Gummi-gutt or Camboge, which is mainly used as a pigment in miniature paintings and water colours, besides its medicinal value as a purgative, hydragogue and emetic. The bark-gum also makes a good varnish. The seed is a good source of edible fat.

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