Waste management technology for household using composting inoculum

In earthen pots

Select earthen pots of large size. Close the hole with cement. The bottom of the pot is filled with one-inch layer of coir pith. Add kitchen waste and food waste to the pot.

Sprinkle composting inoculum on the waste @ 1%. Always keep closed with a lid. The above process is repeated daily until the pot is filled. The compost obtained can be used as inoculum for the next cycle. It has a nutrient status of 0.61-3.62 % N, 0.01 -0.36 % P and 0.21-4.73 % K. The conversion rate for 1 kg is 0.458 kg and the dosage are 1% (10 g per kg waste).

Smart bio-bin

Kitchen waste can be composted using bio-bin made of stainless steel. Kitchen waste and dry leaves/coir pith are laid as alternate layers in the bin.

A little quantity of composting inoculum, diluted with water in the ratio 1:4, may be sprinkled on top of the waste. Compost is obtained after 60 days.

Agricultural residues Compost

Agricultural residues/municipal solid wastes can be composted in units. These units are ferrocement bins of 4 x 4 x 4 feet, protected from the rain. Three layers of 6-inch thickness of cow dung, dry leaves and bio solid wastes are added. Layering with cow dung, dry leaves and bio solid wastes is continued till the unit gets filled. Composting inoculum can be used as a substitute for cow dung. 250 ml of inoculum, diluted with water in the ratio of 1:4 may be sprinkled above each layer of dry leaves. Compost is obtained after three months period.

Enriched compost production technology

The enriched compost with high manurial value can be prepared by adding biotic (microorganisms, green manure plants, azolla etc.) and abiotic materials (natural material s like rock dust, oil cakes, bone meal, rock phosphate etc.) to the bio waste during composting. The manurial value of the enriched manure varies depending upon the proportion of additives used for enriching.

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