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Aero Seeds 40 Varieties of Flower Seeds Combo For Your Garden Beautiful Bloom Germination Seeds.

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  • CLASSY VARIETY – you’ll get just what you need to start your own home garden. The most popular Flower seeds are included in our collection
  • HIGH-QUALITY SEEDS FOR PLANTING hybrid seeds and open pollinated seeds.
  • INDIVIDUAL SEEDS PACKETS, each seed type is packed in an individual zip bag with labels and a growing guide. You can use these labels to mark pots with seeds.
  • LONG TERM STORAGE moisture proof zip packaging that shields seeds from temperature, moisture, and light. You can store seeds in a bag for up to 3 years.
  • EASY TO GROW – Cultivating premium seeds is quite simple. Both novice and experienced gardeners can grow these seeds without any trouble. Follow the tips in the planting guide, and you will get an excellent natural crop

Specification: Aero Seeds 40 Varieties of Flower Seeds Combo For Your Garden Beautiful Bloom Germination Seeds.

Plant or Animal Product Type


Indoor/Outdoor Usage



‎Aero Seeds

Material Feature




Special Feature

‎High Germination Rate

Expected Blooming Period

‎Year Round

Sunlight Exposure

‎Full Sun

Net Quantity

‎40 count

Expected Planting Period


Product Care Instructions

‎Easy To Care

USDA Hardiness Zone


Moisture Needs

‎Moderate Watering

Number of Pieces




Country of Origin


Package Dimensions

‎17.8 x 12.4 x 2.3 cm, 30 Grams

8 reviews for Aero Seeds 40 Varieties of Flower Seeds Combo For Your Garden Beautiful Bloom Germination Seeds.

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  1. Aravind

    Received just now , one star less for poor packing
    unable to read some the names mention on small packet of seeds
    It would have been better if they had separated winter and summer seeds in 2 different packs

    would write review about seeds , once they grow

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  2. The Honest Guy

    I have been going through comments from other buyers and noticed that many are saying their seeds didn’t sprout. Ok. You should research a bit before sowing the seeds. Because each seed has different character. Some seeds germinate in all environment. Some need darkness, some need bright sun. So i will try to explain all my findings.

    Another important thing is sowing medium. NEVER EVER USE COCOPEAT BLOCKS YOU GET IN MARKET FOR SOWING SEEDS OR PLANTING. Its a common mistake many people make. Raw cocopeat blocks contain Lignin chemical which kills most of plants. The professional growers and nurseries use Cocopeat COMPOST. Its a processed cocopeat. Composted coco peat does not contain lignin. Mix it with Perlite + Vermiculate in ratio 7:1. Means, 7 cups of cocopeat compost with 1 cup of Perlite + Vermiculite (Helps holding water).

    So talking about the seeds, here is the list of seeds that germinated and died in my first attempt.

    #### Germinated #####
    Helychrysum (20%)
    Poppy California (30%)
    Sweet william (50%)
    Philox (50%)
    Dimorpotheria (Marigold family)
    Corn flower (70%)
    Ice flower (Succulent) (80%)
    Petunia (90%)
    Alyssum (90%)
    Balsams (90%)
    Morning glory (100%)

    #### Didn’t germinate ####
    Sweet pea
    Poppy iceland

    I will update the list again after trying remaining seeds. Now some points.

    About germination

    # First thing that germinated for me is Corn flower (2 days). But not all seeds germinated.
    # Second thing that germinated is Alyssum. Almost all seeds germinated. I have too many Alyssum now.
    # Balsams also germinated fully in 3 or 4 days.
    # Petunias also germinated most of seeds. But it took time

    # Seeds like Calendula can take upto 45 days to germinate. So don’t throw it away after few weeks
    # Pansy seeds need full darkness or they wont germinate. Failed for me.

    About plants
    # My Philox started flowering easily. Very beautiful plant. Needs shade and less watering.
    # Alyssum also flowered. Needs full sun and moderate watering
    # Ice flower is a succulent, So overwatering can kill it. And is very delicate too.
    # Morning glory is a creeper like Shankupushpam.

    Update: after 4 months: All the plants i have at the moment after spending 200 bucks.

    # I have lot of Petunias in many color. I have taken seeds from the flowers and regrown it.
    # Alyssum has grown a lot. But the flowers are really tiny and smells like Honey.
    # Not all the sweet williams have flowered, but i got multiple colors of sweet william now.
    # Morning glory few of them have creeped up, the flowers are so beautiful.
    # Phliox has almost ended its life after giving many beautiful flowers.
    # Balsams also have almost ended life. I took the seeds and replanted.

    So i have around 6 varities of plants now. After trying to grow 40 of them. Still not bad for the price.

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  3. Abhijay Dubey

    Seeds are okay but we need right knowledge of germination like
    1. Season to saw the seed
    2. Sunlight
    3. Right soil and organic compost
    4. When and how much to water
    I saw articles about the seed which I wanted to germinate and considering above condition I tried with 7 flower seed. I saw then on 31st oct and first was to germinate was zinnia.
    5 out of 7 has germinated within 5 days and wishing for remaining 2.
    I germinated
    1. Zinnia
    2. Ice flower
    3. Acroclineum
    4. Matthiola
    6. Dahlia
    7. Dianthus
    Few tips from personal experience
    1. Take dedicated pot to saw. I have vegitable plastic container, so I utilised that and once plants are big enough to transfer will transfer to bigger pot.
    2. Do study about the above mentioned condition for all seed before attempting to saw.
    3. See for water requirements
    4. Location selection is also important where it get required sunlight
    5. Patience . Do not distribute soil once seed are put into soil.

    New update – after 7 days dahlia has germinated. Still no news of dianthus.

    50-80 % seeds has germinated
    Happy with the results so far.
    I will try another 6-7 seeds in Fe weeks

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  4. Aravind

    Packing is good but I was expected in box but i got in a plastic pouch that’s fine but product can be used 1 year from manufacture date it should have more shelflife…..packaging is not bad but quantity should be some more and all the seeds are written for summer and winter season and what about rainy season. In 13th July I have sown 15 varieties of seeds and some I have soaked in water,for potting mix I have used vermicompost,sand,soil,haldi and cocopeat after germination I will do transplant…..Till now this only after 2 weeks I will update you……. after 1month now my gypsophila and gompherna is growing very well but other like chrysanthus and marigold died after growing little and many of them didi not grown like kochia,nastrium, sweet Willam,petunia, Lupin,salvia etc……some seeds are still left to sown then i will say about them also

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  5. Siddhi poddar

    अजुन ऑपन केले नाही आहेत

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  6. Siddhi poddar

    Waste f money

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  7. The Honest Guy

    *You’ll get a pack of African marigold but what you’ll actually get is a Normal wild variety ..
    *Pack includes “Celosia Pulmosa” ..what you actually get is a “Celosia argentea”..it’s a common amaranth.
    *Morning glory which has started flowering in my garden ,sadly they all had same colour of Purple blooms .
    None of the given seed is of good quality ..All seeds were just collected from the nearby locality ,
    In my experience ,..I’ve given effort in growing them ,but the outcome was a great upset .

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  8. Nisha

    You will get result within 2 days must try this

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    Aero Seeds 40 Varieties of Flower Seeds Combo For Your Garden Beautiful Bloom Germination Seeds.
    Aero Seeds 40 Varieties of Flower Seeds Combo For Your Garden Beautiful Bloom Germination Seeds.


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